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Thanks to Damascus High School for lending use of percussion instruments for "The Whole of You." Go to a concert at DHS if you're ever in Damascus, MD for the bi-annual cow-throwing/tractor-watching competition.

Thanks to Jared Higgins (violin), Sophia Sun (viola), and Marty Jaffe (upright bass) for their performances on "The Whole of You." Each is skilled beyond the capacity of my feeble mind.

Thanks to Angela Hawkes for the radiant collection of lines that make up the album art. It is so luminous and pure I am actually incinerated when I look at it.

In conclusion: it is cool to have cool friends. Enjoy the music.


released March 6, 2015



all rights reserved


The Left Gun Damascus, Maryland

this is sort of defunct now rip. new stuff:

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Track Name: Confessions Without A Priest
After practice I get on the bus
The weakness from the running burns my chest
I think it will be worth it in the end
Pushing how I'm built is probably best

Even in the smartest place on Earth
Misogynistic bullshit rears its head
I sit next to victims of the plague
I'm lucky diagnosed not to be dead

I know I've been slacking
I don't work or sleep, I give up this fight
Instead I choose to write
I think I'm right

Though I've had my fill of acting breaths
As much as I love games I love art more
I wish I was on stage and screaming yet
I'd fill the room with sound from walls to door

Not much for conversation I listen in
I figure 'cause I've got it figured out
I remember when I loved to speak
Now there's nothing left to talk about

When I was a child
When I never thought to hold back my words
I was so calm and free
As I am now, left unspeaking

I am full of scared and blind and anxious for the past
No I cannot keep in my mind the things that truly last
I don't know if I just make it up to still feel sad
It's just what I've seen in recent days that drives me mad

I think that somewhere in my mind I
Believe that with the music I'll find love
I won't through talking, nor through games or
Through the names that streets remind me of

Before I thought to trick you into love
Thinking I was cool I'd hold your hand
Now I hope that through the sound I've made it clear
Somehow you see a fragile loving man

Truly all I wish for
Is that you would stay and hold me when I am weak
Yes, keep me when I'm weak
Track Name: A Song for the Bad Days
I got up, I got dressed, when I had to, when I had to
I ate and I talked, I didn't want to, it was hard to
And it feels like wasting all my time on nothing
But sometimes that's exactly what I need

I wish I could sleep cold because you take all the covers
I'm still a little cold when I wake up and when I go to sleep
I see your face in everything
And I say your name with every breath
And I write you into every song I sing

It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter to me
I'll count the hours 'til I can go back to sleep

I sometimes think that I'll never fix myself
That I'm so broken you'll find someone else
I'll still be fucked up for another year
Won't finish anything and live my biggest fear
My whole life no one will know who I am
And I'll know that and not even give a damn
This is what I think on the really bad days
On the real bad days I always forget it passes
I forget it passes
Track Name: The Whole of You
You are the most alive, the most I've ever met
You are a loving soul, a kind and good heart
When you share your voice I hear it first and cherish each word
When you share your smile I take it first and keep it with me

Though you come to me in pieces
I always know the whole of you

You speak in unison to thoughts in my head
You believe in beauty of the world and in your own hands
There was a whole cloth cut and from it you and I
What a golden treasure it has been to see it sewn shut

Though you come to me in pieces
I always know the whole of you

Stay the night with me
Stay the night with me my dear, I love you so much
I love you so much

I love the whole of you, every single piece